Reddit soccer betting superbowl point spread

reddit soccer betting superbowl point spread

please explain to me how these weird soccer spreads on Pinnacle work? The , basically anything that's not whole or half points. Missing: superbowl. Im not asking about betting lines or potential payouts, but the team stats/data If you have a marquee game (super bowl, playoffs) with a ton of bets on one .. I look at so many things because I watch so much football. If i saw something good on a total then i'd then go find a point spread i can work with. I put $20 on the Bengals to win the SuperBowl before the season started. .. I would've played Eagles spread at that point, but the moment never came. .. Will do, I will probably bet on football (soccer for you) matches though.

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If you need the Daily Picks Thread and you cannot find the day for posting the pick, feel free to start the thread. Worrying about my under If that's not bad enough, their away record is abysmal where they've earned two points this season7: Chicago to Win in Regulation EVEN 2u W Blackhawks bet hit for a 2u profit on the strength of a strong first period. I have a normal day job and bet as a hobby, so don't expect me to go all crazy in these threads.

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